Hello.  Crudman v2 is here. Crudman is a unique electronic musical instrument based around a cassette Walkman hacked so its speed can be accurately controlled in musical intervals with Midi and 1v/octave CV. It also has Midi CC controllable ADSR, portamento, and some other fun things.

The new Crudman v2 has improved tuning accuracy using a 16 bit DAC neurotically individually tuned by ear for each individual unit and mapped to both MIDI notes and 1v/octave CV, a wider range of speeds, a simple, easy to use onboard +/-100 cent tuning control, an adjustable onboard Auto Gain Control, a custom NAB preamp with a dramatically better bass response than the Sony TCM series Walkman's onboard preamp, a MIDI CC controllable "auto warble", and some other new things. It has three surprisingly stable octaves which you can hear in the video demos above, and also one super warbly and out of control low octave at the bottom. CV is unquantized 1v/octave from 0.1v to about 4.2v, with the ability to abruptly pull the motor to a halt at 0v, and uses an ultra stable 16 bit ADC for the CV in.

Crudlabs is currently filling the final orders of Summer and will be taking a little break from the assembly line and relaxing until early 2018. That said, if you'd really like to buy one or more of these check in with lab@crudlabs.org. It's possible there may be one or two for sale here and there. Price is $595 with NYC sales tax (if applicable), free worldwide shipping, and warranty included. There are also occasionally original Crudman v1s for sale as early customers trade them in for new v2s. This project is being kept a bit below the radar so only the right artists, producers, composers, sound designers, etc will find it. If you have any questions or comments email any time.

If you'd like to get an email when there's a few for sale to the general public, you can also sign up for the sales mailing list here: