Crudman v2 is a unique electronic musical instrument based around a cassette Walkman hacked so its speed can be accurately controlled in musical intervals with Midi and unquantized 1v/octave CV. It also has Midi CC controllable ADSR, portamento, easy Midi polyphony, and some other fun things described below. It's easy to use, just plug in a Midi cable or 1/8" CV in and it's ready to go.

The Crudman v2 has surprisingly good tuning accuracy using a 16 bit DAC with each unit individually tuned by ear and mapped to both Midi notes and unquantized 1v/octave CV. It has a simple, easy to use onboard +/-100 cent tuning control. It has a custom NAB preamp with a dramatically better bass response and overall sound than the Sony TCM series Walkman's onboard preamp. It has a Midi CC controllable "auto warble". Multiple units can be daisy chained together over Midi for instant polyphony. And it has some other fun things.

It has three surprisingly stable octaves which you can hear in the video demos above, and also one super warbly and out of control low octave at the bottom. CV is unquantized 1v/octave from 0.1v to about 4.2v, with the ability to abruptly pull the motor to a halt at 0v.

After 10+ years of quiet cassette-instrument R&D and 3 years of soldering and shipping Crudmans, Crudlabs is finally moving on to some new projects and ending Crudman production. But if you'd really like to buy one you're always welcome to check in with me at These were $595 with free worldwide shipping included and if any more are ever produced it would be at that same price.

Crudlabs is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

If you have any other questions or comments email you can email me at any time.

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Multiple units can be daisy chained for Midi polyphony as seen in the video above.


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