Hello there.  Crudman 2 is coming. Version 2 is like the first one but even better.  The old site for the original Crudman is here if you want to check it out.

Crudman v2 has some pretty intense new features. Here are the most significant ones:

+Expanded range from 3 octaves to 4.5 octaves.

Crudman v1 could do 3 octaves, 1 octave up and 2 down from the original sound recorded onto the tape. Version 2 can go up 1.5 and down 3.  The lowest notes now go all the way down to the motor just barely dragging itself along.

+Unfathomably accurate tuning system over most of its range with both MIDI and 1v/octave CV.

Crudman v2 can stay in tune with a musical accuracy of around just ten cents - just one tenth of a semitone - over most of its range. The tuning system in Crudman v1 was a breakthrough, but with v2, it starts with that tuning, and then each and every of 53 notes is manually fine-tuned tuned as necessary on each individual unit to make it as musically accurate as possible. This is a ridiculous achievement considering that the defining characteristic of cassettes and Walkmen is their subtle but constant warble.

+An even better sounding custom tape head preamp than v1’s, bypassing the Walkman’s own craptacular, bass-disappearing Sony TCM-series preamp.

Crudman is based around the Sony TCM-200DV Walkman because of this specific Walkman’s unique motor control circuit.  But it, and the entire Sony TCM series of Walkmen, is designed for dictation (a.k.a., for the frequency range of the human voice), and not for music listening.  They’re also designed to play through a tinny built-in speaker.  As such, the tapehead preamps on most Walkmen in Sony TCM series have an abrupt cutoff at around 250Hz, sucking most or all of the bass out of any tape you put into it.  This obviously is no good for listening to music, but it also makes it virtually useless for a Walkman Mellotron®-type device which needs to pitch down any sounds 2-3 octaves and still be clear and audible.

So for Crudman v1 the crappy onboard preamp was replaced with a proper NAB preamp - which is a standard preamp design you’ll find in most other Walkmen and tape decks.  This was a huge improvement, but in retrospect it was still a little muddier than it could have been. V2's preamp is similar but with a few values altered to taste to make it subtly but audibly brighter.

+And all the features worth keeping which the first one had (link here), plus some other fun new things. Please email any questions or comments to lab@crudlabs.org.